Feel the ocean breeze and taste the salty air!

Outer Banks Ecosystem

See the wild horses of the Outer Banks and whip through beach, dune, and forest trails with Hummer Adventure Tours.

With continued development of off-road trails, the horses were becoming harder to find in their natural habitat. When they were found, regulations prevented our tours from stopping and disembarking on public land and “roads” to take pictures. Although by law we will still never get closer than 50 feet, we found that most customers do prefer to get out of the vehicle at points along the tour so they can be stationary while taking pictures.

To improve things in 2014, land has recently been purchased. We can now venture into three distinct, previously inaccessible ecosystems that are teeming with wildlife of all types. The new land provides an exciting ride through a Maritime forest and high sand dune trails, with a view of protected marshlands. These areas are inaccessible by most off-road vehicles due to the soft, sugary sands and high inclines. Only true off-road vehicles can make it without getting stuck, and in this area the Hummer really comes into its own.

About our Hummers

Our 13-passenger, open-air Hummer starts life as a Hummer H1. We then upgrade many of the mechanical components to the military spec equivalents, recondition the engine and drive-train, and extend the frame and body by two feet. Our Hummer H1 vehicles have been customized with your safety in mind. All designs have been over-engineered to build the safest and most comfortable ride possible.

  • The roll cage is built into the frame of the vehicle for ultimate protection.
  • Seats have seatbelts and restraint systems for child seats.
  • All seats are actual car seats -no boat-style bench seats or plastic bucket seats are used in our vehicles.
  • An additional upper windshield with a top made with a combination of fine mesh and clear plastic enables occupants a 360-degree view while also providing protection from UV rays and unexpected inclement weather.

After customization, the Hummer is capable of seating 13 passengers with more leg room than any standard SUV. Individual seats that are 21 inches wide (no bench seats), in a stadium seating configuration, offer ultimate comfort and visibility for all.


For the technical nerd in you

The Hummer uses independent suspensions and portal geared hubs similar to portal axles (MORE INFO) to achieve a full 16 inches of ground clearance. The vehicle also has disc brakes on all four wheels, and four-wheel, double-wishbone suspension. The brake discs are not mounted at the wheels as on conventional automobiles; but rather they are inboard, attached to the outside of each differential.

The front and rear differentials are Torsen type, and the center differential is a regular, lockable type (MORE INFO). The Hummer is capable of fording 2.5 feet of water normally, or 5 feet with the deep-water fording kits installed.

Carbon Offset for the Beach
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